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1.Staffing Solutions

To best serve our clients, Zaib staffing solutions customize recruiting solutions based on zaib staffing client company’s size, history, culture, and vision. Zaib staffing offers both contingency and retained search and recruiting services. We assist our clients by providing solutions to all of their human resource placement needs. Our experienced staff knows and understands the various specialties in Human Resources.

Zaib staffing clients feel confident with our staffing services because we keep your personal information confidential while seeking information. Being a reliable staffing consultant, our commitment is always towards providing you with the best in the market.

2.Recruitment Solution

We have access to an astonishing number of job seekers. Based on our strong network and dedicated Team we gather the candidates from multiple marketing activities. We match the profiles with the job description and explain candidates about the client expectations from related industries and segments. After sourcing the right candidates to our clients assess the shortlisted candidates and study their interest in the job, their eligibility and only then forward the profile of interested candidates to the clients. Thereby, the selection process is simplified and the clients get an opportunity to select from the best candidates at all levels helping them to achieve their company’s business objectives.

We at zaib staffing believe that the success of a company depends on the quality of its employees. Our Permanent Staffing Solutions helps you recruit the best candidates. Our team of recruitment consultants follows a stringent screening process. Based on our excellent networking and a sound data bank, we are arranging potential candidates from various categories and selecting the best candidates as per our client requirements. Our search methodology consists of mixing of conventional and non-conventional techniques with latest market trends. For our clients, we give access to thoroughly screened, qualified and interested candidates.

IT and non IT jobs

3.Training and development

Have you wanted to keep your staff motivated about learning new concepts? The quality and variety of employee training you provide are important for motivation. Whatever your reason for conducting an employee training session, we take care of the employee training within the framework of a comprehensive, ongoing, and consistent employee training program. This quality employee training program is essential to keep your staff updated and learn new concepts and your department profitable.

Zaib staffing is one of the growing corporate faces of the Training Industry in India. As a company dedicated to Performance Enhancement, it offers ‘Talent Development Solutions’ in the areas of Leadership, Sales Training, Presentations & Public Speaking, Communications, World Class Customer Service, Interpersonal Skills, Building High Performance Teams, Media Training, Executive Coaching and Profiling & Competency Assessment tools, E-Learning in a variety of formats to suit various needs.