Human Resource Jobs

Human Resource Jobs

As a customer-centric organization to cater to the demand of this challenging, interesting and vast sector, Divine HR has all the necessary infrastructure and expertise. We are a renowned placement agency, placing high-caliber HR professionals, from newly-qualified through to board level, on a permanent and contract basis.

Based on our rich database and innovative consultative selling and career management expertise, Zaib staffing is able to service our clients to the best of their satisfaction and in a reasonably small time frame. We are in a position to provide the recruiters with the most efficient, appropriate, promising and highly credentialed candidate to meet the specific job requirements

Human Resource Recruiter job Overview:-

  1. Human Resource Recruiter


We are looking for Human Resource Recruiter who can handle recruitment cycle from identifying potential candidates to scheduling interview and evaluating candidate.

Human Resource Recruiter is responsible for hiring the right candidate at the right time in organization. He/She will have a additional responsibilities including sourcing candidates from different source, Screening the candidates, short listing them by conducting interviews for them. Should update the job ads, conduct background checks, creating attractive mail templates for advertising jobs vacancies. He/She should looking after Key HR metrics that hiring in time, filling vacancies in time and source of hiring.

Abilities of HR:

Human Resource Recruiter have good experience in HR field or related field. He/She should have good knowledge about Applicants tracking system and resume data base, should have good practice in sourcing techniques. Should have good communication skills. Finally they must have degree in Human Resource Management, Organizational psychology or in relevant fieldsĀ 

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